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John You know how I've always wanted to start a podcast?

Stevie Yes

John I have the perfect idea, a passion we share: tabletop. Specifically tabletop games.

Stevie We do have a closet full of games.

John Yes and this means I can buy more. I mean we, we can buy more.
We can talk about our favorites, what we like about them, how easy or hard they are to learn.

Stevie We can invite on guests to talk about games they love.

John Yes! Everything from big popular games to small indie RPGs and kickstarter games

Stevie Classics like Clue.

John Yeah.

Stevie What about updates like Clue Master Detective?

John Of course. That too. It would be great to talk about different versions.

Stevie Like Clue Ghostbusters?

John Yes

Stevie Clue Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

John Yes, that too.

Stevie Cluedo Sherlock?

John Yes, yes, yes. Look, we can eventually cover all 700 of your versions of Clue for you. I'll even give you series of episodes called Stevie's Clue-niverse.

Stevie Yessssss.

TJ Hey, what about me?

John Yes you can be on too. How about we give you a kids corner to talk about games from your perspective?

TJ Yay!

John Great. Everyone is on board with my idea then?

Morkor Excuse me? Who's idea? I have the board game hoard. I'm the idea kobold.

John How about I make you the mascot and put you in the logo, Morkor?

Morkor Axe-ceptable.

John Great, then let’s get to work

John 20 Minute Tabletop is our project to find a way to get to talk about board games, tabletop role playing games, and the tools that can help make game night happen. It’s a project where you can learn more about your favorite games or find something new to spice up your game night!

jaunty tavern theme music plays, then fades

John 20 Minute Tabletop is a Morkor Studios production.
Theme song by Arthur Rowan. Morkor art by Sita Duncan.
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Thank you and roll with fortune.

jaunty tavern theme music continues to end