Hi! I'm Morkor!
Morkor, a gold scaled kobold wearing red robes waving, with his hoard of tabletop treasures.

20 Minute Tabletop is a podcast sharing the love of all things tabletop gaming. Join John, Stevie and Morkor as we talk about board games, tabletop role playing games, and the tools that can help make 'game night' happen. Learn more about your favorite games or find something new to spice up your game night!

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Ep 024 - Dungeons and Dinos Multipack

Adventure is waiting... at home? Stevie and John look for baddies laying in wait in the basement, the attic, or even the outdoors! It's time for these hosts to join the Nomnisaurs to dawn their armor and their imaginations and go on an adventure in Dungeons and Dinos, a Dungeon Crawler Card Game.


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