Your perception check spots a new podcast emerging. Have a taste of what is coming soon from Morkor Studios direct from the kobold himself: Morkor. He also lets the host John have a few words. Listen to it below or find it on your favorite podcast player.

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Narrator In a world where dragons are real
In a world where sheep are vital to settlements
In a world where sometimes all you care about is connecting plastic trains from city to city
That is the world where 20 Minute Tabletop lives.

John I’ve always wanted to start a podcast and

Morkor Who wanted to start the podcast?

John Um, I did, Morkor.

Morkor And who had the idea to do about table top games?

John Also... me?

Morkor No, this my game hoard, therefore my idea.

John And who came up with you?

Morkor sighs You did.

John Exactly!

Morkor Exactly, and therefore I you and you me. therefore my idea. Qwed. I win.

John Qwed?

Morkor Yes yes yes. you say it when you prove your point. Stevie said it with a mathethematical proofy.

John Oh, you mean Q.E.D.

Morkor Fine. Spell if you want. I can still pro-nounce-iate it.

John Fine, whatever. You can win this round. Can we wrap this up?

Morkor Sure.

John 20 Minute Tabletop is a podcast sharing the love of all things tabletop gaming. Join John, Stevie… and Morkor as we talk about board games, tabletop role playing games, and the tools that can help make game night happen. Learn more about your favorite games or find something new to spice up your game night.
20 Minute Tabletop is a Morkor Studios production.

Morkor That's me!

John Do you want more tabletop gaming fun? Subscribe to 20 Minute Tabletop on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. Find more at our website, that is the numbers 2 0 m i n or connect with us on twitter and instagram @20mintabletop, thats at 2 0 m i n tabletop.

Morkor Thanks for listening and roll with fortune.