The goal of Morkor Studios is to create content to add to and grow welcoming, inclusive community spaces. We aim to do this not only through our podcasts but through additional media formats. One of those includes making content for your tables at home.


Need an adventure to run at your table? Currently we have a fantastic one shot adventure from our own Stevie, available now on Pathfinder Infinite. Check back over time as we add more.

Just Another Haunted House (PF2e)

Just Another Haunted House, A Pathfinder Second Edition Adventure, Written by Stevie N. Sitting in the midst of a busy town, an abandoned home is purchased by a rich noble from a nearby city. But there's more going on here than meets the eye.
Missing people, strange noises, unexplainable events - it's just another haunted house....
....or is it?

Mystery and horror reign supreme throughout this one-shot scenario for four level 2 players.

Just Another Haunted House is a level 2 adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition. Available on Pathfinder Infinite.