This week, Stevie and John return to a world of fantasy. A world where a critical hit or a critical failure can turn the tide of battle. A world of story telling and adventure: specifically the Fall of Plaguestone adventure from Paizo, written for Pathfinder Second Edition. They'll take a spoiler free look to help you decide if you want to play the adventure and then let the spoilers out for GMs to know if they want to run the adventure.

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Important Timestamps

02:22 - First Impressions
02:51 - Adventure Mechanics
03:36 - Setup
06:16 - Length of Adventure
06:44 - Spoiler Free Enjoyment of the Adventure
09:30 - Spoiler Free Final Thoughts
10:21 - Spoiler Zone
20:50 - Spoiler Enjoyment of the Game
21:42 - Final Thoughts


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