Let's talk about my podcast.
Morkor, a gold scaled kobold in red robes waving.

20 Minute Tabletop is a podcast where we share our love of all things tabletop gaming. It is a project of passion. Our goal is to create fun, entertaining, high quality content for a variety of audiences in order for all audience members to feel part of a welcoming, inclusive community space. We know not all games are for everyone, that is why we explore a wide variety of content under the tabletop banner of gaming: board games, role playing games, card games, games from huge publishers, from Kickstarters, from indie developers. On this journey with us, hopefully we will all find something new to enjoy.


John Wickee

John Wickee poses in a green shirt behind a wooden GM screen from Talon & Class, clearly deep in thought as to how to handle the player created chaos. There is a tavern scene as the background to the image.

John has been life long geek, nerd, enjoyer of video and board games. He came into the world of TTRPGs much later in life, but since then he has jumped head first down the RPG rabbit hole. John has always enjoyed creating things. Using coding as an outlet to create, he has turned his skill and passion into a successful career as software engineer. One day, he realized that making podcasts would be a great fit for his need to create and share with others. He never quite found the right idea to start a podcast with COVID caused a bloom in the family board game cabinet and he got his wife hooked on TTRPGs. Sharing their love for games and their extensive game collection made for an easy choice, plus an excuse to by more games and more RPG books.


Stevie poses in a purple shirt with white writing and her chin resting on her hand propped up on the table. She is flanked by 6 different versions of the Clue board game: Star Wars, Sherlock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, classic Clue, Villians, and Master Detective.

Stevie has loved board games for as long as she can recall. Though her family didn't have a formal game night, they could often be found playing Parcheesi, Clue, Connect Four, and even Disney Trivial Pursuit on the weekends. After a short stint in in the world of education, Stevie decided to stay home with their children and began homeschooling and she started using board games to support the kids' learning and development. During COVID became her friends' go-to person for board game suggestions. Around the same time, John also introduced the family to TTRPGs via Pathfinder 2E and the rest, as they say, is history.


Morkor was born from the imagination of John, for a Pathfinder 2e one-shot benefiting Jasper's Game Day. He was but a young kobold then dreaming of grand adventures. His voice quickly became a favorite around the household, so he lived on. He would help tuck the kids in for bed, offer to snack on their guinea pigs, and protect from any evils (as a Champion does). He then saw a resurgence as he leveled up to conquer the Night of the Gray Death, becoming a true power to be reckoned with. It was only fitting he become the mascot and logo for the new podcast. You won't hear him often in the main episodes, but he will pop up for special occassions and on social media. He even has his own space on TikTok where he has free reign.


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Morkor Studios

20 Minute Tabletop is a Morkor Studios productions. Morkor Studios is a content creation company named for a Pathfinder 2e character John created, named Morkor. You may have noticed him around the site you are in. He is a fiesty little kobold, but he has a heart of gold... and fire. Find out more about more about the company and other podcasts at Morkor Studios.

Artist Thanks

The theme song you hear in our episodes was composed and performed by Arthur Rowan.

The art of Morkor you see throughout the site and podcast was created by Sita Duncan (she/her).

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